Mar 9, 2009

What You'd Find on This Blog

I started to write this blog to organize my thoughts and to chronicle my progress. It helps me pay attention to things happening around me and how I feel. It helps me to think through things. It encourages me to keep going. So writing posts to be read by others hadn't really been my main focus. But I do wish that if anyone comes here to read my post, the person would find my posts useful.

So this is a little note for those who stumbled onto this blog to give some idea what kind of stuff might be found here.

  • Books - I love books. When I was working, most of the books that I read were novels that didn't require too much thinking. But now that I'm not always too tired, I'm reading a lot more non-fictions and learning brand new stuff. I can't get enough. And when I get wowed or inspired, I write about those books.
  • Inspiration - Some come from the books that I read, some come from what's happening around me. I try to write about them so that I can internalize them and think how I can apply in my life. Writing it help me not to let them slip away.
  • Life Direction - I think we all need to have life principles to live by. I've been thinking about my life mission and principles, and trying to make better sense of them by writing.
  • Self-Help - Having extra time on hand is a blessing, and I intend to take maximum advantage of it while it lasts. And I'm recording anything that can be considered useful to better myself.
  • Career - What to do to earn my living, whether it's going to be something that I can call career or not, is something that I'm working on daily basis without much progress. So most of my career related posts are about directions, work-life balance, etc. rather than job hunting per se.
  • Health - Health has been a major issue for me. Though I'm getting much better since I got freed from my work, I'm very conscious about how I can improve and maintain my health. So I write about things that I learn regarding this topic.
  • Update - These are just updates to my personal situation or the directions that I'm exploring.
Use the category link on the right to get to the section that's most relevant to you. If you find any of them useful, let me know. And for those in the same situation as I am, I advocate to take advantage of the extra time that you have to put your life into perspective.


  1. a real positive blog about getting on with the important things of life--thank you!

    a great book to recommend to you and others, especially if you wish to head to non-profits(my world)
    THE GIFT Creativity and the Artist in the Modern world, by Lewis Hyde

    georg in tokyo

  2. I just read WSJ article and was directed here.
    Funny, I was also downsized last November.
    Just Keep looking.
    Write to me when you have time.
    Naohiko Kimura
    MBA Texas 94

  3. georg -Thanks for your recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.
    Any advice for getting into the non-profit world?

    Naohiko - Wow, what a coincidence that you happen to read the article! I don’t have your contact info, but I found you on the LinkedIn and sent you an invite.

  4. Sawa,

    Great blog. I found the site via the WSJ article today. That is some fantastic press. Congratulations!

    We are working on the launch of a new professional networking service to help job seekers and the recently laid off. We are still preparing for our beta launch, but are providing previews if you or your readers are interested. You can request an invitation to the private beta via the invitation button on the home page.

    All the best in your job search.


  5. congrats on your appearance in WSJ!!!!

  6. Wow, I too started a blog about being unemployed after getting laid off. And I too want to pursue environmental-related career path. I'm so glad I checked WSJ today and found your blog! I added it as a favorite on Technorati. I'm new to blogging, and I have no followers yet, but here's my take on being unemployed:

  7. Mike - Thank you for the invitation. I'll take a look.

    Dana - Thank you, and I appreciate you leaving me a comment (most wouldn't if they didn't have anything else to say).

    Anne - I'm glad that you found me. It's great to know that there's another person out there in the same situation and aiming for something similar.

  8. Great articles. I found your blog via WSJ.
    Reading your articles helps me to review my life directions. Thank you.

    Jenny from Taiwan