Mar 8, 2009

The Core Principles That Guide Your Life

This I Believe is a National Public Radio series where individuals in all walks of life present a short essay, in a few hundred words only, describing the core principles that guide their life. I had heard more than a few of them on the radio and it always intrigued me because there are such a variety of beliefs out there guiding people's lives.

After reading eighty essays in this book, I was still awed by the wide range of personal convictions out there. While some stated more general and expected credos like "give" or "believe in god", there are some that live by very unique beliefs like "be cool to the pizza dudes" and "always go to the funeral". But the common thread among all those eighty essayists is that they all have own unique story behind what they believe in. It's not just what they were taught to live by; their beliefs are based on what they had experienced and internalized. The reason why their essays literary speak to me is that their beliefs are something that they had developed through living their lives.

It made me wonder what I would say if I had to write my own This I Believe essay. I think I'd have to give some thoughts to it. But Jay Allison, the host and curator of This I Believe, says:

Beliefs are choices. No one has authority over your personal beliefs. Your beliefs are in jeopardy only when you don't know what they are.

Do you know what yours are? What would you say if you were to write a This I Believe essay?


  1. This I believe: Each one of us has ultimate responsibility for the course and direction of our lives. Do not blame others for your plight but pull yourself up by the bootstraps and always keep your long-term goals in your sights.

  2. Every day, we make a series of little choices whether we are conscious about them or not. Taking responsibility of those little choices empowers us, right? That's a great This I Believe. Thank you for sharing!