Feb 1, 2009

Do What You Are Doing, Because There's No Secret Sauce

You get discouraged and start losing your confidence and faith when things don't move along as you had hoped. You start to think, "maybe I'm not doing it right" or "maybe I'm missing something".

So when I saw Know Your Power by Nancy Pelosi, the first woman ever to become Speaker of the House, I picked it up to see if I find the answers there.

The book was an easy read, with some funny remarks here and there, and didn't present anything that I'd consider unique or new. Her message was basic and fundamental; what you might even hear from your own mother.

But the fact that it's coming from this accomplished woman who went from housewife to eventually Speaker of the House to follow her passion and faith makes it reassuring. Here are some of the things that she tells you:
  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance - be ready if you want to succeed
  • Organize, don't agonize - don't waste your time and energy agonizing over something; organize instead
  • Know the procedures - you might not NEED to know how something actually gets done, but it's empowering if you know the procedures
  • Never fight a fight as if it's your last fight - while there are eternal friendships, there's no such thing as an eternal opponent; don't ever burn bridges
  • Do what you are doing - focus on whatever that you are doing
  • There's no secret sauce - they might make you feel that you don't know, and you'll never know, the secret sauce for success, but the truth is that there's no secret sauce

I was encouraged. I'm learning as much as I can about the industry and the market that I want to get into, trying to organize my thoughts and actions, just focusing on what I can do now. And while I knew that that's all I could do anyway, it was nice to hear that there in fact was no secret sauce.

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